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My mother got a little tee shirt I sent her from Miami yesterday.
She squeed. She's in her 70's. [it must run in the family]
I don't know why but she felt compelled to read the tag to me, but I'm glad she did - the label read "Freelance" designs....did Mr. Bass think Chris had a good idea and added a clothing line to his list of businesses? Interesting.........coincidence?

Man, it's so depressing lately to see it being darker and darker when I have to get up in the morning. It bumming me out no end to stumble around half asleep in the dark. I'm having a harder time getting out of bed and I'm getting to work later and later (thank God I'm in the habit of getting to work 30 - 45 minutes early).
I think I'm going to be totally imobilized by depression this year by the time winter officially gets here! I'm not ready at all for the idea of all this gorgeous sun leaving for 5 - 7 months. I think I'm already showing symptoms of s.a.d. :o\ The kicker's gonna come when we have to turn the clocks back. That'll mean getting up when it's even darker.
::gaaaaaaack!:: Maybe someone should just kill me now.

Sheesh! From all this kavetching you'd never think I love the rain. I guess I just haven't braced properly for the transition. I better or it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

So to cheer m'self up I'm going to go to JC's show in Portland.

Greyhound takes 10 - 12 hours and is about $100 return. I'll bus down the day before, stay someplace cheap, see the show, try and catch a late bus back or stay over night in the same cheap place and leave in the morning. That's the plan... Hello Visa, by any chance is there any money left on you to actually go through with this?

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