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glockgal thank you for meeting me after work and exchanging "the goods" with me right there on the sidewalk next to the squeegy kids.
Thanks again to bossymarmalade for the tape. a replacement tape has been sent home with the sister.
We strolled over to Charlie's Used / New CD Store after we had our scrumptious vendor hot dogs and I tried buying out the store. I came away with something like 6 dvd's. And I'm going back for more tomorrow. note to self: bring shopping list.
After we said goodbye I walked down to the Skytrain. It was just after 6:30 and the sun was already down behind all the office buildings but I snapped some pictures of what I think is beautiful downtown Vancouver with my

A pretty fountain outside the Wall Centre

Harbour Centre's revolving rooftop restaurant

The Royal Bank building has cool lion heads on its corners

The Royal Bank Bldg

The Sinclair Center

The interior of Water Front Station. Eek! There's an 'orb' in the top left corner of this picture!

I'm definitely going to do more 'snapping' with this little digital camera of mine. since my 35mm is dead

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