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Okay, y'know how people in cars pick their noses. Yeah, we've all had the misfortune of witnessing that at a red light. Is there something about the colour red I don't know about?
Imagine my thrill to catch a woman across from me in the skytrain; dig delicately into a nostril with her pinky finger, examine the excavated nugget and *shudder* insert it discreetly into her mouth.

All together now gag

I didn't know where to look or if I should get off at the next stop to not have to glance at her again should she go back to the nasal buffet for seconds. Thank God I hadn't eaten breakfast!!!

Had a wonderful and impromptu evening with ms_nerd!! We giggled our way to a stupid closed mall but found her goodies just the same. you should ask her about the parking karma I have!

That new meme about leaving completely honest opinions about.... is just too scary for me!

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