September 30th, 2011


Why stow away your old luggage?

Have old valises or suitcases stacked up in the attic or the basement? Ever think about recycling them? Breathe new life into your old dusty Samsonite or American Tourister. Take a look at some of these 'refurbished pieces that Crookedbrains has "assembled". I might have a new hobby in my future.

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Spent a couple of hours watching tv today

I had today off. \o/ I had good intentions of doing house work! I really did. But.....Shaw Cable has this option to watch some current shows (for free) that have aired already. I found the first two episodes of Hawaii 5-0 season II. I've never seen a full episode from the first season but I watched these two episodes despite that. (I'll use any excuse to NOT do house work) It is definitely much "prettier" than the original Jack Lord/James MacArthur original! AND I think I might be hooked.
A couple of comments. :o) I was pleasantly surprised to see "Lock" show up - I hope they keep his character around.
I have hopes that McGarrett isn't always quite so grim about everything. And I'd love to see something happen to Dan-O's coif - honey, it doesn't help you look any taller. And why is there not more air time for Chin???!!! But who am I to pick a hit show apart.
So now I'm off to find out when the show actually airs in my area and find season I episodes to fill in some of the back stories.