April 1st, 2009


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So...little miss star_maple How you liking the Great White North now?
We ordered snow instead of confetti to celebrate you birthday!!!
D'ylike it??? Yeah, neither do we.

But it's your birthday and you're kickin' some ass at scriptfrenzy so life is good.

Happiest of birthdays!!! Here's hoping it's the best one yet!!!


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I am in the clutches of a chest-burning flu that makes my eyes water and wants my head to explode every time I cough - which is often. I've shivered and sweat through three t-shirts already and because our company doesn't give us paid sick days - I've been shlepping to work at four thirty in the morning wondering if I'm going to rupture a lung before I get there. And to add insult to injury, it effing snowed today. *blargh* I want to curl up in a sweaty little ball and not get up until I'm better. I need to start building a contingency fund for times like this. /I'll be over here whining.