January 12th, 2009


Hello Monday

*blech!* It's 4:25am.
And my first day back to work after an extended visit with family.
Who's NOT in the mood to go back?!?
If you're pointing at me you win!!
Here's me dragging my ass out the door at the ass-crack of dark and dreary.
Wish me luck getting back into the swing of things.
My New Years resolution might be to take up excessive drinking in the afternoon.
The upside of starting this early I suppose is being finished by 1:00pm.
/pause...still sucks being up at 4:00am for a job one abhours.

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*ouch* I have bruises across the top of four toes from opening the fridge door onto them. How?

Picked up last night's cat food bowls to rinse and repeat - one of them barfed in their bowl during the night. :o\
Let's see if they send tonight's meal back....

And speaking of bruises, I have two matching bruises on my thighs from walking repeatedly into the corner of my suitcase that's been sitting on the sofa since I got home on Friday. [thank you silvrsolace for collecting me at the airport! *muah*] I suppose I should think about unpacking some day soon.

Okay, so, like, I've never seen the show so I sat and I watched a few minutes of "24" tonight...I now want to watch it from season one. It looks like it's worth investing some time in! Are all the seasons as good as this one looks?

Is anyone as excited as me about "Lost" coming back next week? *meep!*

And now I say good night.

Good night, sleep tight, y'all.