November 1st, 2007


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So All Hollow's Eve came and went in a blink this year it seems. (despite the fact I actually made a costume and wore it at work).Every year it's the same thing. I have child-like excitement/anticipation for one of my favourite holidays and *sigh* it's over before I've had enough....Anyway. It's the funner holidays for me and I'm happy actually this year that not one lousy bag of candies found its way into my house. (now if I could only avoid the temptation that is 50% off after sales.

So I was walking to work the other day and noticed a "DO NOT PARK HERE" sign beside a neighbouring apartment building. On the bottom of the sign below the "don't" circle were the words: "For Co-Op car(s) ONLY.
This cheered my carbon-footprinted little heart!!! This apartment building (I gather) has started a Co-Op car program. Thus eliminating one and/or two cars per unit. I don't have a clue about the logistics involved. Who pays for insurance/maintenance/yaddayadda, but I beamed for hours after seeing that sign. Even though later I wondered why there aren't tonnes more. Isn't that the coolest thing! You book the car for when you need it and the next guy does the same and so on and so on. I dunno, call me a dreamer, but I think it's one of the brilliantest things I've seen in ages.

Does anybody else have any environmentally uplifting thoughts, ideas, suggestions they'd like to share? I'd love to read about them, I bet others would too.

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Thanks y'all!