March 17th, 2007


I could get used to these surroundings

The lighting in here is perfect. I want it in my house. All the stores have closed for the day in the area so it's nice and quiet. The rain's starting again with a vengence but that's okay, it just means that I may have to stay hunkered down here a little longer. It's warm and dry and not too busy. And the internet connection is free!
I'm at a neighbourhood coffee shop catching up on emails and LJ (before my battery craps out) and quite enjoying the whole experience. Oh good a yappy cluster of 'youngsters' is leaving - even more quiet. *tranquil sigh*
My internet woes didn't go away as I thought they had the other day. My modum has gone to the big modum resting place in the sky. And its replacement isn't being delivered until sometime Monday.
I can't believe how addicted to cyberlife I am. I feel so isolated and alone without a live connection at my fingertips. ::hugs Blenz's wireless connection:: This just might become a habit.
Well, I have about another hour of battery time to go so I should get back to answering people and catching up on my friendslist's lives. You're all so much more interesting than I am.
So hugs and snoodles to everyone, I'm missing my instant access to you. *muah*