January 2nd, 2007


The wind broke my umbrella

Yuck, I'm soaked. The wind was blowing so hard this morning, it was raining sideways.

So, like there's supposedly this internationally famous nut job experimenting kinda guy that lives in my neighbourhood. John Hutchison People travel from all over the world to vist/stare at/worship/hang-out with this guy.

He's been in a little hot water on a couple of occaisions over the past few years with the Canadian Government and "Men-in-Black-Suits-that-are-too-cool-to-flash-badges".

He's got equipment that 'levitates' things. I shit you not. According to documentation and video/audio "proof", he's discovered 'anti-gravity'. Apparently his gizmos and thingamabobbers levitate things.
He's scary looking and just what a nut job an eccentric sciencey guy would look like. I don't know if he's trying to blend in or stand out like a sore thumb. In this neighbourhood it could go either way.

Collapse ) is what his 2nd floor balcony looks like. Inconspicuous or a little over the top, you be the judge.
It's supposedly all his 'levitating equipment'.

Got nothing to do? Bored? Check out American Antigravity: http://www.americanantigravity.com/hutchison.html
John's own (in need of much updating) site: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Thinktank/8863/main.html

And now back to the job search.
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A full day of this and that

Well, I applied for two more jobs today. Yay me.
I've got my last cheque from my part-time job coming this week which means I can pay this month's rent (late but it'll be paid) Thank God.
I caught an "Ugly Betty" marathon thing of some kind a few nights ago. I.Am.SO.Hooked!
Y'know, I really wish there was a "Heroes" channel. "Heroes" all day, every day!!! Day and night. I'm itching for the new episodes to air. All "Heroes" all day/all night or maybe a combo network of a "Heroes"/"Supernatural" schedule. That would rock.
I'm really sad sometimes; I just spent 15 minutes looking for the page that lists all my friendslist's birthdays by month. Sad I tell you, sad. I missed a whole year of birthday greetings that I hope to make up for this year.
Does anybody (I'm looking right at you halowrites, oh, yeah, right at you baby) have a JC Chasez mood theme kicking around that I can pilfer? I'm not sure why my old (jchalo) one stopped working. :o(
*arghhh!!! I have portfolio pieces to print out and after way too many ruined sheets and hours of trying to fix it, I want to drop kick my (fairly new) printer across the flippin' living room. *grrrr!*
Thank you kare for the cute text message you sent. *muah* Back atchoo boobie.
I did a recount of the films my friend and I watched on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day; we watched 16 movies over those 4 days.
I signed up for three part-time classes today. If I pass them, they will get me 90 hours closer to my Certification. I need 546 total to qualify. It's going to take me 2+ years to complete all the courses.
I've now seen two friends trumpeterofdoom and alittleblue make reference to the 365 Project.
I really like the idea a lot. I'm going to participate. I'm going to post a-picture-a-day over at choopics.
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