October 15th, 2006


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Zoiks! but I really wanna say SHITDAMNFUCK!!!
I was happily chewing on a piece of sponge toffee and I pulled out a tooth.O.o

It was a(n expensive) crowned and root canalled tooth and now it's sitting on the coffee table mocking me.
The whole thing just popped out. Shorn off at the gumline.
Now I've got a nice little playground for my tongue to visit when it's bored.

Can a tooth be put back in? I mean being root canalled it's like it was taxidermied and isn't going to die or anything, right?
Could a dentist re-install it, glue or sauder it back in place and bob's yer uncle? I don't know why I'm wondering, I couldn't afford it if one could. *sigh* I really liked that tooth too. Maybe I'll keep it in a jar and name it. How's Muldar the Molar sound?
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