January 13th, 2006


Where's Gene Kelly when you need him?

Gee, it's raining! Let me put on my surprised face. :o)
I want to break the last record of consecutive days-of-rain.
I think we're going to break it today. I think the record is something like 21 straight days.
Lowermainlanders correct me if I'm off on that number.
Parts of Nort Vancouver were evacuated last night in case of mudslides.

1.Thought I saw Todd Bertuzzi (spelling?) in Oakridge Centre the other day.
2.Thought I saw Jensen Ackles in my London Drugs last night. Wasn't him. :o(
Who will I imagine I see next time I'm in a store?
Still doing happy clapping and twirls!
happy Friday the 13th :o)
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Hee!!! Free lab time for the afternoon. AND the school actually ENCOURAGES us to surf. I know!!
Don't know if everyone's already seen this:
This site is pretty damn cool. Supernatural
Be sure to click on the journal on the floor in the back seat when you get to the car.
Very cool.
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