October 29th, 2005


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Spontaneous Location Shoot Spotting. ms_nerd called to see if I wanted to come out and play with her tonight.
1) We went by the HUGEST exterior green-screen stage I've ever seen being used by XmenIII.
Way cool!
2) We went for coffee and groceries where there was a terrifying clown mask!!!
-> g. icon p.
3) Then we cruised past the Stargate and Galactica studios and waved.
4) We did a little side trip before coming straight home by the very ghetto Smallville studios. We squee'd and parked when we discovered they were shooting on the path just outside their studio lot.
We strolled non challantly up to the location and hung back quietly watching them set up.
Phil the Location Manager wandered over with a big smile, a "hello girls" and a couple of friendly hand shakes welcoming us to watch and to tell anyone who shoo'd us away that 'Phil & Mike' said we could stay. He introduced us to the Ass't Location Manager Mike too.
A lighting guy with a charming Scottish brogue was worried we'd get flattened by some screens so he scooted us up even closer to the action. We didn't argue.
We got to watch John Glover shoot his scene in the fluctuating downpour!
He's tall and elegant and has pretty shoulder length hair. And he was very conscientious.
While they were setting up smoke machines and setting the camera on its dolly, he called over to a P.A. to make sure his co-star had an umbrella and was staying dry.
We had a ball watching them rehearse then shoot a couple of takes but we were both soaked through and cold. I think we might have stood watching the shoot for over two hours. We think the crew got a kick out of us standing there - at least that we think the smiles, nods and pointing were all about. :o)

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