October 16th, 2005


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I've loved Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy" forever.
I've imagined JC Chasez doing a cover of the song for ages!
If I could shoot the video for it I'd shoot it like this...

cue music

The stage is empty except for a single black stool sitting and mic stand in the pool of a spotlight.

The string and horn intro plays

JC, in fitted tux, walks across the stage and perches gracefully on the stool, dramatic and pensive.

camera begins to dollies

JC begins to sing, emoting his little heart out as the camera dollies slowly in a circle around him throughout the song.

cut to c.u.

He sings directly into the lense at the perfect parts of the song.

cut back

He has his left hand on the microphone throughout the song as his right gestures subtly, resting gently on his chest at the most poignant parts.

cue musical interlude before end

JC sways softly, eyes closed, lost in the emotions of the song, as the camera continues to slowly circle around him.

start slow truck out

JC delivers the final verse as the spotlight fades to black.
JC bows his head and sits motionless.

end scene

Click on the dashing and debonair JC Chasez if you'd like to hear Nat King Cole sing "Nature Boy". YouSendIt
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