February 6th, 2005


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Happiest of Birthday wishes to clarinut.
May your reeds aways be dry but never your lips.
And my your life always be played in tune.

I hope that this is your bestest birthday yet!!

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:o( ::pouts:: I don't get Animal Planet and didn't get to see the puppies.

crashcat, this is the cooler I was talking about that I got today. Isn't it cute! :o)

bossymarmalade, silvrsolace You'll be amused to know that this is the one and only time that Dakota has even acknowledged Collapse )

Disregarding the demon eyes, doesn't she look amused in the second pose? No, I didn't think so either. She hasn't looked at it since. Maybe it's sitting in the wrong place?
Maybe I have to slather cat nip juice all over it. Maybe I should turn it into a planter. :o\
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