December 9th, 2004


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*blech* I have a queezy tummy and my spinning head is making me nauseous. I wanna go home but I'm afraid I'll puke on the Skytrain. *blech*

Had an interesting chat with one of our Sound Design students. [stuff I should have known]
One instructor in the SD department designed the sound for "Making the Cut", another does sound editing on "Smallville", and a third works on "Stargate-SG1". (or is it "Atlantis"?).
Pretty neat. There really are industry professionals working for this ship I like to call the Titanic reputable Film School.

Now back to ignoring the spinning room and focus on keeping my stomach contents where they are.

Can being dehydrated make you feel sick to your stomach?
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Y'know that "Brigit Jones II" trailer where she's drenched by a truck or bus or something...
"Yeah. Hello, my name is Brigit! and I'm not amused." I got soaked from head to toe tonight on the way home by a city bus. It scared the crap outta me! And I shivered all the way home.

Transit users are going to make me do homicidal violent things one day.
I had this biotch standing behind me on the platform [swinging her briefcase repeatedly into my lower back] sucking on a lozeng or something and was talking like those two deep throat hags in that Aero Chocolate Bar commercial. I was so.grossed.out! It was she had a mouth full of cock'n'cum.

Thank Christmas I'm home and away from idiot people.

::nails front door shut::