November 9th, 2004


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Okay, where will the day go from here.

1. when zipping up my jacket this morning, I caught a 'tendril'(romance novels use funny words) of my hair in it and well, ouch!
2. there was a dirty smelly guy on the bus that scratched and twitched and scratched like he had a full body lice infestation.
3. I'm itchy - did some of his lice/fleas jump on me?!
4. have you ever loved a song so much that you want it loud enough in your headphones to make your eyes pulse. Yeah, me too.
5. I managed to spill coffee down the tendril-eating-zippered jacket.
6. a student decided it was alright to set up all his paper work at my desk over night. Territorial is my middle name! Can I say pissed off?

7. am going to ignore everyone until I'm ready to interact politely. What year is it now?
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