October 10th, 2004


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Slept in until 8:00 this morning. :Happy:
Cleaned up cat barf. :Not Happy:
Made 3 icons that I still have to rotate in. :Accomplished:
Went grocery shopping with ms_nerd. :Happy: Thank you again sweetie!
Shared Black Forest Ham with Dakota. :Happy:
Took long nap. :Delighted: But will be up until 2:00 a.m. probably.
Watched "Miss Congeniality" (again). :Happy: I love Sandra Bullock.
Watched "Desparate Housewives" :Entertained:
Watched "Extreme Make Over: Home Edition". :Dry eyed:
Watching second episode of "CSI: Las Vegas" :Impressed:
Looking for something to nibble on. :No willpower:
Am avoiding writing I need to do. :Disappointed:
Going to open Word now and stare at first draft. :Determined:
May have to see what's on at 10:00 first. :Hopeless!:

Happy [Canadian] Thanks Giving Everybody.

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