September 17th, 2004


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::runs in::

::pant pant::

2 quick questions:

1) does anyone know where I could find *NSYNC scribblers/notebooks/copy books?

2) does anyone know where one would send suggestions/comments/complaints to CFTC?

Thank in advance for any info.

::runs out::
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If they gave out awards for getting through a week, I think I'd be in the running to win one. Thank GOD it's Friday!!!!

Perfectest commute home (once we made it out of the downtown core(! ms_nerd and I made it through the gridlocked mess of downtown rush hour, hit the open road and headed home.

Dear City of Vancouver Road Workers.

Why in God's name did you have two of three lanes closed on a Friday afternoon?!? Get your sorry asses off the farkin' road before</i> RUSH HOUR you assholes!!!!

chootoy for lance_nerd

note to the lottery gods: ms_nerd is winning the Super7 tonight.
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I'm just sayin'...

withdiamonds' post tonight has inspired me to post an opinion I've held since way back when NSYNC first announced their hiatus....

Bands break up. It happens.

When I think about all the time we spend speculating about NSYNC's future, I can't help but think about The Eagles.
The Eagles broke up years ago. [and from what I understand, it wasn't pretty]
But from that breakup came a couple of major solo careers. Joe Walsh. Don Henley. Glen Fry.
When The Eagles broke up it was for ever. The members were quoted saying something to the effects of:

"Hell would freeze over before they ever recorded together again."

Well, y'know what...
"The Hell Freezes Over Tour" was fantastic!! I had the most amazing seats!
thank you bossymarmalade!
They were awesome!!! They played their "group" hits and backed one another up on their "solo" hits. It was like going to five concerts in one!

Bands break up. It happens. Artists move on. It happens.
Successful solo careers are lunched from successful groups. That happens.
And sometimes, these famous solo artists find the right time and the right tunes one day, and they record them with their old band mates. That happens too.

NSYNC may or may not record another album together again any time soon, but we've got five talented and interesting solo artists to watch until they find that right time and those right tunes.

I'm willing to wait, are you?
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