September 8th, 2004


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Z100's Last Chance Summer Dance was held in "Portland" this past weekend. I got to "Portland's Union Station" via "Seattle" at about 6:00 p.m. and checked into the adorable little"Clyde Hotel" on Stark Street. The Clyde was built in 1912 and the "lobby" was recently renovated. My room had a "claw foot tub" and a "a sink" in the room proper. The room had no "phone" but there was a cool old one at the "front desk".

The "halls" were long and dark and wonderfully "decorated" with antiques. Each night scented candles were lit up and down the halls and one could feel the presence of those that had "moved on". Did you see orbs in that last picture?

I met up with the charming and very zen chrism inside the "Tom McCall Waterfront Park" for "Portland's Z100's Last Chance Summer Dance" where JC was on the "billet" to guest host.

We stood in the midst of screaming teenies gritting our teeth for a littel while then quickly retreated to the beer garden for shade, chairs and to meet the lovely alittleblue and hammerhead22 when they called, to all wait for JC to do . . . something.

He did stuff, did some "standing around" and then more "stuff". He apparently got a t-shirt rubbed on his ass by a stupid radio DJ and then he sang "Build My World" and then he did more stuff and then a stint in the autograph signing area. and then some other stuff and then he was gone I think.

But while he was singing – which I couldn't see much of because all the tall people in Portland decided to go to the concert that day and stand in front of all the short people – I got a couple of pictures. The best of him performing being "this ones" because when I asked tall hammerhead to take a picture with my camera she did. Thank you sweetie!

After he sang his one song, we hoofed it to the autograph area. There were people milling about everywhere. "Lonnie". And a line of "teenies" that started here and ended way the heck over there. Word came down the line that JC wasn't staying for the full hour and adorable alittleblue came looking for me and hauled me over to where himself was sitting and I snapped pictures like a crazed paparazzi. Thank you honey, I wouldn't have seen him that close if not for you coming to get me!!! If I ever have a first born child, he's yours. If you want him

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I'll post the rest of the pictures in another post. I'l repeat the disclaimer - the pics aren't great but you can recognize him. At least on my computer. Some monitors are darker than others.

But y'know what... *squeee* I'm still a little knee-wobbly at the idea that these are my pics! It's farkin' surreal, dude.

So anyway, after our little afternoon in the teenie infested park, hammerhead22 pointed out beautiful "Mt. Hood" before we hooked up with jic and we all hightailed it outta there and went to the pub/bar/restaurant happy to leave Tom McCall and his waterpark behind. Did I mention there were about a billion teenies there.
We drank gallons of ice water and I had a tasty RC Cola with my burger and freedom fries. (we don't get RC here so it's a big deal)
We wrapped up our meals and all headed off in different directions and I went back to the hotel to let the whole afternoon since in and watch funny looking weather people braving the horrible hurricane in Florida to bring us live reports.

I headed back to little ol' "New Westminster" on Monday and I got home to "this little face" waiting for me at the door. Let's just say she was happy to have her steady source of food home again.
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G.I.P while I'm at it. From one of my own pics.

Last Chance Summer Dance Pics Pard Deux

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And that's the end of my story. Portland is one of the prettiest cities I've ever visited. It made the trip memorable. Meeting up with familiar LJers and meeting new ones was wonderful. Seeing JC in the flesh [all be it all too briefly and from too far away] was amazing!


EDIT: OH MY GOSH!!! chrismm just reminded me!!!!
I completely forgot one of the most amazing things that happened.

Despite me making fun of the teenies racing around, I was blown away by one young lady after Lonnie whisked JC away.
Some guy was randomly giving out "Schizophenic" posters. Y'know the fur-lined collar coat one. Yeah, that one! I tapped a little girl on the shoulder to ask if the guy was still giving out posters. She said now and I cringed in disappointment.
Her little sunburned friend turned around held hers out and said:

"You can have mine."

I froze. Stared. Stuttered and asked her if she was sure. I think I asked her about 12 times if she really wanted to give it to me. I even offered to pay. She and her friends just giggled at my gratitude. I wandered off after my bunch in dropped-jaw amazement.
Young lady, wherever you are, may all the right Karma come your way darlin'! Thank you. And thank you Chrismm for reminding me.
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