September 2nd, 2004


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I think I want to see this.

MTV News: Nick Carter's movie "The Hollow" has finally found a home. A modern update of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "The Hollow" follows the great-great-grandson of Ichabod Crane, who is unaware of his lineage and unknowingly stirs the vengeful spirit of the Headless Horseman (Carter plays the menacing Brody). The film, which also stars former Dream singer Melissa Schuman, Eileen Brennan, Stacy Keach and Judge Reinhold, will air on ABC Family on October 28. ...

Acting, it's the new black.
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This was too simple...It really couldn't be that simple. It was that simple.

I posted a couple of nights ago that the date on LJ posts was defaulting to the year 2000.

Most of my friends know me and they all know that I'm the last person to go poking around inside a computer to 'figger' things out. Normally I'm so farking intimidated by these goddamned boxes to do something like that!

However...I decided to 'poke around' tonight.
I found the computer's date/time thingabobber and whaddayaknow - the machine was set for 2000.

I changed the year in there, closed up the thingamabobber and came scooting back here to check out my theory.

*hee* The date is reset! ::bounces:: I did it. Me. Moi! Myself and I. Without an anxiety attack or sweaty palms.
go me
Thank all of you who left supportive comments and suggestions.

t_woman your situation must have been something way more complicated than this. I have no idea what would have done that to yours.

chrismm thank you for your offer. Do I get to see you this week-end in Portland?
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