September 1st, 2004


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so busy today. making 2D student films is long and patience challenging.

Oh boy. Found an old burned cd, I think bossymarmalade gave me ages ago.
Oh SClub7even, you made me smile on the commute to work today.
There was also the 'Ntimate 'Nsync raggae "ByeByeBye" on it too. Happy memory.
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I've got a question: When I go to "update journal"....
The year is set for 2000.
When I forget to manually change it, I get a polite message asking if I really want to upload a post that far back. wtf?
Does anyone know why the default year would be whacked?
I don't know if it has something to do with the clock/calendar on this little what-ever-it-is-Tim-loaned me, would it?

The Bassez express vroomed it's way to IKEA tonight after work. It was a farkin' zoo in there. Do people bring cranky screaming children to crowded stores for any particular reason? Can someone explain that fuck'd up logic to me? By the time we'd rolled up to the cashier with our loot, we were ready to stuff the little shits into display cabinets. Among other things, I bought a King Size Swedish chocolate bar that is uber yummy! And a whole bunch of shit on my credit card that should have been put toward an over-priced lap top but instead I bought a cool square plate, two "shelves" and two "tables" [ kinda needed them] now I have to put them all together

Thank you so much ms_nerd!!! *muah!!!*
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