August 7th, 2004


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In a span of 12 - 14 minutes I'm bawling like an idiot = Reasons 8,845 and 8,846 why I don't watch the news:

1. There was a story about a man who's lived out in the woods since forever and had to be evacuated two weeks ago because of forest fires. He had to leave behind all the 'wildlife' he'd come to know and feed, fearing the fire would kill them all.
His Heritage Home cabin was consumed. He has nowhere to live until he rebuilds. I didn't cry about that.
I cried about the fact that a friend in the area spotted his beloved little fox named "Vickie" who, despite looking thin, had some how managed to survived the fire and was staying close to where the cabin once stood.
My water works began when they showed him and Vickie 'reunite'. She was the cutest little red fox!!! Big, big ears, huge bushy tail and painfully thin. He reached out and she walked right up to him with a look on her face like she was relieved to see that he was alright. *sniffle*
They tacked on footage of terrified bear cubs fleeing from the flames to add to the heart break.

It makes me so angry to think that all that beautiful wilderness is destroyed, old growth forest is destroyed and wildlife is killed often due to the ignorance of humans. Of an ignorant flick of a cigarette butt. Of a half-assedly extinguished camp fire. Of evil arson. Lightning does less damage than stupid ass humans.

2. Close to 30 bottlenosed (?) dolphins beached themselves on Beaches of South Florida today.
Nothing people did could save them. Most of them had to be euthanized. KIcker that triggered the second crying jag...a baby dolphin lying by its mother, both of them struggling for life. They were only able to save 6 of them.
Speculation is that 'classified' military sonar devices in the waters off of Florida may be the cause. But they'll never know because their 'classified'.

Nobody's going to try and prevent this from happening again and it breaks my heart to know that we'll see stories like these again on the news.

Oh, wait. I'm not watching the news or reading the news paper EVER AGAIN!!

thank you and good night
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