August 4th, 2004


It's August? When did that happen?

I've only been back from South Beach for 5 days?
Guzzling codeine laced cough syrup for the last 3 (wheeeeee) is probably what's warping my reality.
They must have upped the % of drugs allowed in under-the-counter medicine because LJ's messing with my head somethin' fierce.
It's like whoa! I'm tripping back to comments posted pre-CFTC and getting all excited all over again.
Then I think: 'Wait. I've already been there. It's like...whooooa.'

~ ~ ~

Hello to new friends and old. Big thanks to everyone who've been sharing experiences and pictures. They're leaving me with warm happy feelings all over....or is that the codeine?

Can you believe it - I'm teaching in this condition! The students' films should be interesting this time 'round.

miss the posse

belated birthday squishes to my little cornichon glockgal
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Yahoo was kind enough to give me a heads up on an up coming birthday and along with it - links to news items.

The first - News out of Ireland of all places... but not news we didn't suspect.

"no new album scheduled for release this year for the band or any solo projects"

Basically the same thing from Contactnews:

"no new album this year for the members of *NSYNC"

Teen Music says the same. I think they all just copied and pasted the press release or something.

"TeenMusic says the same thing"
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