July 12th, 2004


Wood chip pile in a recycling center.

I was awoken by the smell of smoke and I've been awake since about 4:00. There was a fire down on the waterfront and the reek of smoke is so strong I keep thinking my smoke detector's going to go off. I'm wheezing. I don't know how fire fighters do it! My whole apartment stinks of burning. Blech!
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Every once in a while I get scared living alone.

I just went to brush my teeth and I swear there was the shape of a man behind my shower curtain.
Of course there wasn't anyone there but man, I just about crapped myself. (good room for that to happen in) It wouldn't be so scary but for the last two nights Dakota the cat's been standing facing the wall, looking up and meowing endlessly until I can't stand it anymore and yell at her to shut up. I'm hoping she sees a spider up in the shadows or a little moth or something. I don't want entities living in my house.

Okay, enough dramatics, right?

So on a more amusing note. I saw the cutest / funniest thing on the way home today.
A woman gave her little terrier a full body mohawk! From nose to tail. I wish I'd had my camera with me!!!
So cute!

Would that be called a FUR-hawk? not to be confused with the infamous FU-hawk
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Oh TLC how I love thee. Cosmetic surgeries gone bad! Horror stories to give you pause!

Cosmetic Surgery thy name is Marquis de Sade!!!
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