July 10th, 2004


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The other day I posted this:
Y'know the times when dandies(?) had their adorable friend 'second' for them in a duel?
ms_nerd would be my second and she would KICK my challenger's ass!!!
And then drive me home in a horse drawn carriage as we drank claret and sang lusty songs.

bossymarmalade left this comment:
oooh! oooh! Can I be your drunken roustabout gambler friend?!?!

Which got me thinking and I came back with:
I see this being cast with *NSyncers.
Dandy = JC
Dandy's Second = Lance
Roustabout Gambler Friend = Christopher
Insulted Dandy = Justin
Insulted Dandy's 'Jovial' Friend and (Second?) = Joey
run with it my little poppit.

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And now I post this:
I'm still dizzy with delight! And must find a way to persuade her to delight me some more.
What did the two young dandies discuss in Kirkpatrick's ale house? Did they tip their cups one too many times and find themselves tumbling in the hay like a couple of lusty wenches?
Did dandy!JC invite dandy!Justin and his second!Fatone to join him and his second!Lance in Atlanta?
How do I get her to write more? How? Pray tell can anyone help me?

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