July 9th, 2004


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Hey, ms_nerd does everyone at the Drake and Horny Hornby Ticketmaster ride the fucking short bus with helmets?!? Jesus Murphy! The chick at the desk probably needs instructions on how to breathe. Don't think I'll ever attempt to purchase tickets there again. ::Kicks Ticketmaster in the nuts::

canadiankracka and sometimescrazy, I'm almost 100% sure our tickets are purchased.
I've got a verbal / over the phone TicketMaster "Order Number" that confirms I just coughed up the cash on my credit card for them. Apparently the US/Canadian border has a dangerous effect on 'FastTicket" emails. Gotta get it passed by congress or the senate or our House of Commons or something before such things can sneak across the border. [Free trade...my ass]
We can pick our tickets up at the "Will Call" window at the Skybar.

Oh, CFTC / NSYNC / Melinda... ::shakes head:: Maybe you should really consider letting the fans promote, organize and run this annual event (that happens every year about the same time) for you! This is year what now?
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