July 1st, 2004


Jetlagged and lovin' it

On the flight home last night [that was delayed nearly an hour] we had "Miracle" as the inflight movie. I groaned when I realized that it was a movie about hockey. I take back that groan. It was a great flick. Kurt Russell was amazing! The kids who played the actual USA Olympic Hockey Team were all great. I'd definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has a love for the sport of hockey. the patriotism was a little over the top at times but concidering the political climate at the time, appropriate.

My cat took all of 0.00002 seconds to fall in love with me again after my being away for 10 days. She's being cuddly and purry and adorable.

The trip home to suprise my mother on her birthday was great/long/tiring/relaxing/frustrating/entertaining/regrettable/fantastic/too long/too short all at once.
Ate too much. Didn't move my ass off a deck chair for days. Sun burned and freckled. Marvelled at my sister's patience with a three and five year old. Got annoyed with my aging mother for all the stuff that annoyed me when I was a teen (some things NEVER change) Found a new appreciation for the brother-in-law. This wasn't bad as vacations go.

Glad to be home.

Not glad to have to work tomorrow when it technically was an approved vacation day. Looking forward to the week-end to do laundry, be a slug, get groceries, tidy, start focusing on the Miami To Do List.

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Just spent a loverly afternoon with ms_nerd the giggliest gal I know!!! her two cats are pretty darned amusing, especially that slinky-one-black-toed one!

Thank you so much again sweetie for the limo to and from the airport!!! *muah*

I'm sun burned and still sleepy and think I'ma gonna go nap. Later.
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I want to say these are cool, but a lot of them scare the crap outta me!!!

I received a powerpoint in an email once that had weird manipulated images - really amazingly done.
I'm a little scared that there's an actual site for them.

"Don't want to look, can't drag my eyes away!"

The Photo Gallery *left hand side of page) has 39 pages of these freaked out manips!!!
The 3rd and 4th images are actually pretty cool.

[[[if anyone can explain to me how to make copies of some of these images it would be greatly appreciated]]]

oh, and a GIP, for one day at least
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