March 9th, 2004


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What does hammerhead22 know that I don't know? Blue_bottomed Marionettes? What? When? Where? Oh God, do I have to troll the depths of eBay again?

Why does it take sooooo long for magazines to get here?! All I want is the copies of Blender and Rolling Stone that JC are in...*sigh*...patience, patience...patience.

So, the CFTC date is set. I wanna go. I also wanna see JC when he tours. Can I afford both?
When is JC touring? Where is he going to perform? How much will it cost me to get there?
::hoping for a decent tax return!!::

I should have studied to be a denist. They make a LOT of money.(out of patients like me!)
final tally on one tooth: $1036.00(crown) + $1250.00(root canal) = $2286.00 upper right molar
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Man, I just remembered that I had a really weird dream this morning. I was auditioning for a movie. [don't laugh]
There were three of us auditioning for the Wizard of Oz. Joey and another guy were running the scene with me.
[I was auditioning for Judy Dorothy. Joey was going to be the lion]
What was weird about it was I had to lip-sync to the Dorothy dialogue from the 1939 movie.
It was a scene at the beginning of the film where it's all in black and white and the farm hands Hunk and Zeke are still themselves. We were too. Nothing else in the room was but we were. :o\ Joey's tall!

Now what should I eat tonight to make me dream something 'normal'?
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