March 4th, 2004


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Just curious; I see this icon meme going around and I was just wondering a couple of things:

Why do you use the icon you do when posting in you journal:

Why do you use the icon you do(if not your default) when leaving comments:

I use my default when I'm answering comments from my email. (I haven't found an icon option there)
I use an icon of the poster's fave SDB or OTP if I can when I leave comments to people's posts.

I had a dream this morning that ort sent ms_nerd and I presents in shiny dark blue paper and white ribbons. That's how they came through the mail - and in mint condition too. Lance Nerd and I were sitting having our morning coffee in the kitchen I had when I was 5 years old.
Ort sent me coins and an eye glasses screwdriver kit and a big box I didn't get to open because I woke up - I have a cat that likes to jump on my head at 5:00 in the morning. Lance Nerd had two huge boxes of her own but I never saw them open. We were admiring the tiny weird shaped screw kit. Before we could open hers ... [insert A.D.D. cat here]
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