February 3rd, 2004


The tit that shocked a nation

Dear World Media;

Could you please just fucking Shuddup!Shuddup!Shuddup!!! already about her stupid nipple-clamped-sack-of-silicon.
Here's a thought: Try reporting about something that matters.

Sincerely fed up,

Man! I want to stand in front of a "Speaker's Corner", rip my fucking bra off and flap my tatas around.

that is all. carry on
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(no subject)

Is "Music Freedom" JC Chasez's "Official" web site?

It's run by "Tornado Promotions" out of Orlando.
He's their 'featured' client of the month. Is it me or does he looks out of place in their 'client' list.
(scroll down about 2/3 down if you've got a small monitor)
Isn't Jive involved with / handling this stuff?

Man, they're not kidding when they say the music business ::uses Kirkpatrick ""air quotes""::
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