January 11th, 2004


Was just looking at the possibilities

How much does expedia.ca inflate prices on flights?

I may not admit it, but I might want to go to CFTC this summer. Play along with me here.

So, like I plugged in "departing Vancouver" July15. Plugged in "departing Miami" July 20.
Vancouver to Miami return = $571 on AirWest. $606 on AirCanada. promising!

Plan B: I thought that if I didn't go to Miami on those dates, I'd go to Ottawa instead and make a surprise visit to my mother.
Vancouver to Ottawa return = $726 on AirCanada. that can't be right!!!

It costs more to fly in Canada than it does to fly all the way to Miami.
That just doesn't make any frickin' sense to me.

Checked into a combination of flights [yes, I'm pretending I won the lottery, shuddup] Now to be refered to as "The Three Way" with extended dates obviously

Vancouver to Miami. Miami to Ottawa. Ottawa back to Vancouver. $918 AirCanada. double checks

WTF!!?! A difference of roughly $200. from the Vancouver to Ottawa price for two destinations.
Doesn't make ANY sense to me. I think I'll count up my aeroplan points / aeromiles and see if I get anywhere with that.

now to see just how difficult it is to a. rob a bank. or b. become a prostitute.
Hmmmm. What can one get for a slightly used lung? We can survive with just one, right?