January 4th, 2004


I've lived in the frozen north

How could an area of the planet that has an old growth rain forest in the middle of it get so cold?

My apartment is cold. Well, the living room is really cold.
It's cold enough outside that my landlord dropped by earlier tonight to check on the pipes.
The livingroom/kitchen part of my apartment sits over the building carport which means that the underside of those rooms is exposed to the cold.
So now, because of the 'extreme' cold my landlord wants me to run my hot water tap all night to keep the water pipes from freezing. I don't think I want to listen to running water all night. :o\
A lot of buildings out here on the left just aren't insulated for weather colder than maybe 0*.
I think the land lord should think about insulating the pipes.
I don't want to leave the water running while I'm at work all day.
I Hope to hell I don't get home from work tomorrow to burst pipes.
Maybe if we're lucky: 1) the temperature will rise or 2) the sun (if it shines) will warm up the back of the building.
:Crosses cold stiff fingers::
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