December 24th, 2003


one, two, cha cha cha

*hee hee ::bounce:: hee hee* and a *squeee::bounce::eeeee!!!* for good measure!

I opened one Christmas present early and that was my SeSa story. (I couldn't wait)
I immediately had to dig out a cd and blast it .My apartment is now pulsing with the latin sounds of the flamenco, the tango, the salsa.

JC looked at Kevin, eyes locked together and smiled, “Of course. When we get home, and once you’ve showered, Señor Smelly.”

So cute! And so sexy. Kevin would looks sooooo hot dancing to this music.
And JC plays guitar *sigh* and writes songs. And they're so in lerve!!!

Thank you Secret Santa!!!

::twirls salsa's away::

and now I chew my nails hoping my recipient likes what I wrote *meep*
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