July 5th, 2003


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I'm sitting here waiting for ground beef to thaw to make a hamburger and for boiled potatoes to cool to make a potato salad. yummy yummy yummy
While they cool and/or thaw I thought I'd do a little Saturday afternoon pimpin'

missoutcast's Challenge deadline has arrived and now a whack of new stories are posted for everyone's reading pleasure.
Understand I'm Satisfied: A Lance Challenge

bossymarmalade wrote a madcap tale of, well, you should read it to see...
"Brains Go Great With Aquavit"

ms_nerd had me giggling from the beginning. Go. Read - you'll be giggling too.
"Extra Hot, No-Foam Boxer Briefs"

kare's story was such a departure from her regular fiction that I had to pimp it too!

Oh, hell, go read 'em all and judge for yourselves.

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