July 1st, 2003


...just 'cuz you're my girl tonight

::tosses confetti:: For 2 reasons

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!!!
I finished my story for missoutcast's "Understand I'm Satisfied: A Lance Challenge" yesterday about 3 days before the due date. yAy mE

I was up with the birds this morning. LITERALLY!!
I think a murder of crows might have carried away a couple of local stray cats this morning.
Man!!! They were just cawing and screeching their shiny little black heads off!!!
It was kind of scary actually. It kinda sounded like they were fighting over something. (fresh carion perhaps?)
It was freaking my cat out and she normally ignores bird like things outside!


"One Night Stand" is one of the hottest things I've heard. it makes me wanna sleep around. (oh! did I say that out loud?!) it kills me dead!
"Some Girls Dance" makes me think of pierced navels and tanned curves and lots of touching.
"Build My World" makes me sad. It's so beautifully lonely.

I'm ignoring the fact that this is the last day of my 'vacation'. It's back to *blech* work tomorrow.
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Spectacular end to a mediocre vacation

I just followed the map scot_ty laid out that led me to yet another new clip: "Come To Me"

This album is going to clean up at award shows me thinks! IMHO

I love the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" beat sample he's got going in the back.
at least it sounds like 'sweet dreams' to me.

(he sampled another song in one of the other song clips that I can't remember the name of too.
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