June 7th, 2003


summer on the west coast

We had a such a wonderful day off yesterday. We ate at IHOP. yummy yummy yummy.
The weather was perfect and we spent a good chunk of the day down at the beach.
There were ugly dogs everywhere, 'BHCHB's' running around and a slimy 'rRce King' and his date that entertained us.

And now, I sit here with sunburn swollen eyes doing stuff'n'stuff until I have to leave for a root canal appointment.
[not looking forward to that so much!]
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Well, Crappity-Crap-Crap!
I only got 1/2 the root canal done today. Apparently I've got an infection in the gum around the root.
The dentist poked and drilled, yanked and sanded as much as she could.
[Gosh, I'm not sure if I'm going to miss the smell of burning tooth pulp and clorox bleach when this is all done.]
Then she packed in a temporary filling and sent me home.

oh yay ! I get to go back next week for the rest of the procedure.
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