April 2nd, 2003


early arrives on time this time of year

So I says to myself, 'self, y'know it's early earlier now with the sun getting switched on before dark's had a chance to go away' and then I think, that didn't make ANY sense so I skip off to Starbucks where I get to watch the pretty milk-maid-braided strandia do her thaing and charm all her caffeine addicted customers and kabitz with her neurotic co-workers.(well they are)
And I get to sit and listen to ms_nerd get all poetical over the state of affairs and stuff and stuff while we sit-stalk strandia from afar. (cause that's what polite Canadian stalkers would do. We'd never be in-your-face-stalkers, eh)

It's almost too gorgeous here in Vancouver today - making it really hard to go into work.
The North Shore mountains are breath-taking today with what looks like a fresh dusting of snow on them. [Hard to think that there are bad things going on in the world when I see something so serene and calming as that] sigh.
just another day in paradise

edit: ms_nerd!!! Look at my moodicon!! :o) Oh, yeah.
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