March 29th, 2003


met another lj friend

*wheeeee* Went to Metrotown with ms_nerd to meet up with the adorable gremmie_goo

We met in the 'teenie' section of the magazine area of Chapters. It was so funny, Lance_Nerd and I were checking out a magazine and a sweet lady came up and stood beside us giving us a secret I know what you're looking for glance. Our eyes locked and we knew we were looking at a a fellow ljer! I instantly liked her!

Giggles, chatting and coffee-consuming took place. Lance_Nerd and I nearly bought identical shoulder bags.
When L_N went off to meet up with strandia Gremmie and I hung out together. We had Chinese food until the food court was shut down and chairs were being hauled away.

And now I'm home from getting groceries and looking forward to seeing her again. ::waves:: see you soon GG.
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