March 14th, 2003


garlic and gadgets

Had a fab night out with the fruit loops known as the "Vancouver Posse".
(sorry you couldn't be there arami)
Turns out we picked the right night 25% of our bill went to Loving Spoonful and Make a Wish Foundation(?)
Had a singing good time on the ride into work this a.m. with bossymarmalade who does a mean Chris Kirkpatrick belting out "I Will"!!!

We left the wee sister glockgal at home fuzzy headed and flannel pyjama'd to enjoy her busy day off.

And now I sit here avoiding work at all possible cost. I've also got two guys up on ladders here in the lab with their heads stuck in the ceiling performing surgery on a very sick a/c unit. Man, the view from down here is GREAT! They've both got great physiques, one's in perfect fitting, faded blue jeans and the other's got a nice pair of cargos or chinos on...sexist what? Oh yeah baby!!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some sightseeing to do...
is it getting hot in herre or is it just the crapped out air conditioner?
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Goodness!!! My air conditioning guys are back up on their ladders *AND* THEY JUST FINISHED DEBATING WHETHER THEY SHOULD KISS EACH OTHER IN FRONT OF ME!!!!

CONTEXT: Guy two said that if Guy one got a part in the right place, he would kiss him! Guy one asked Guy two if he wouldn't mind waiting until they were finished. Guy two said that would be okay. Then Guy one asked if he was cool kissing him 'right in front of 'her'(meaning me who's snorting to m'self) Guy two said, he'd enjoy kissing Guy one in front of 'her'(me). I told them that I would keep their secret for them. Guy two thanked me. Guy one smiled.
I love het-men who are secure in their sexuality.

The both of them have nice bums.
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