March 10th, 2003


Oh Yeah!!!!

Uh-huh!!! I can go home now.

sean biggerstaff is sexy, and he's scottish, but more importantly, he's sexy.
Yay! It doesn't bother you that you don't
understand what the hell he is saying half the
time (as long as it's your name right?). Sean
here would be perfect. But you'd have to fight
me for him. Maybe you should look into Billy

Which Accent Makes You Melt? (for those attracted to males)
brought to you by Quizilla

Edit: gacked from gremmie_goo, who I didn't get back to about getting together in the Vancouver/Burnaby/New West area of the Lower Mainland. ::smacks own forehead::

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    Bring it All to Me

I'm buying a year bandwagon pass

I've enjoyed looking at people today.
It's nice to be able to put faces on people and not just go an 'impression' of someone from their icons.
A couple of times I was *VERY* surprised when I went behind some people's cut-aways.
I couldn't believe how different they were from the mental picture I had made of them.
You're all the sweetest people I've ever seen!

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