February 19th, 2003



It was so dreary coming in on the Skytrain this morning.
Why do people wear dark colours in the winter?
Wouldn't it be better if we brightened up the place a little with a splash of pink or mint or canary yellow against that dismal winter grey we're all blending in with.
I love black. Have a fetish-like love for black leather.
But there's a time and place for BLACK.
I think 'a-kalidoscope-of-colours' should be the new black. :o)
I had a writing teacher who wore only primary colours (yeah, hard on the eyes sometimes, but...) but she practically shimmered with positive energy when you ever saw her.
So, yeah, colours and lots of them.
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the tat seen 'round the world

Beating a dead log.

Justin's tattoo isn't as big as I originally thought it was.
I pictured it curving off over his arms. Hugging him like a blanket but it doesn't. It's not the prettiest artwork I've seen but it obviously means something to him. Enough for him to have it driven permanently into his skin for all to see when exposed.

Maybe he thinks of it as a shield from the outside world. His mother's love will always protect him. She'll always be his guardian? ::shrugs:: What do I know.
I like how the hideous little cherub has Harley Davidson wings.
(for his and Lynn's love of the machine?)

I like the wings and I like the rays going down his back.
I like bits of it. As a whole - I'm just not sure.

I'm just sayin'.
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