January 27th, 2003


week-ends are way too short,

but this was a nice one just the same.
Had drinks on Friday night with silvrsolace (who has to fill me in about Sunday) and another friend at a local pub. (the evening ended oddly but the ride home was nice).
Saturday was one of the best lay-around-and-do-absolutely-nothing day I've had in like forever!
Sunday glockgal, who, poor little pickle, still seems to have the sniffles and bossymarmalade, who's feeling all better, thank goodness, came and hung out, as usual.
(ms_nerd's and strandia's presence were missed.)
Glock painted a pretty, prett HP picture while we watched, heehee "HP" and "Toy Story II" and "Lilo & Stitch" (again).
I messed around on the computer making icons.
Stubble lounged contentedly and surfed the net(when I wasn't on it).
It was nice to just hang out alone on Saturday and then with a couple of good friends on Sunday. All-in-all, a great week-end.
A battery recharging kinda week-end.

gIp an icon made last night.
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gacked from sarachica who gacked it from...

because I'm obviously not interested in doing real work today I just sat through questions about myself.

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Now I really should be doing something the company actually pays me for.
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Much Music is Listening?

Earlier on Much (on Demand?) JC's "Blowin' Me Up (with her love)" won one of the competition!!!
And now Much is doing a Justin Spotlight - they've been talking to him during the Nelly video.
- is this a repeat and I've just returned from the planet Zorg or is it a new Spotlight?
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