January 7th, 2003


that's a bad start

Isn't that something...There was no hot water this morning.
Not just 'not hot' - but no water coming out of the tap.
(or is that out of the faucet?)It just made scary gurggling sounds.
It was too early to call the landlord (5:45a.m.) so I happily skipped off to work - not quite as fresh as a daisy. No one in transit noticed.
I've just called the landlord and there's no answer - hopefully because he's at the building rectum-fying the situation.
Well, thanks for listening.
You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

I'll just be over here worrying about smelling bad all day.
TMI? I thought so.
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was wondering

It seems bossymarmalade just can't seem to keep away from fic challenges - I was wondering if anyone's putting together a Valentine's Day one. She won't be able to resist...which happily means we'd get more of her stuff to read!

C'mon, somebody's gotta dangle the carrot in front of her nose.

I'm just askin'
::ducks and covers::
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song fic challenge

I guess I should be careful who I make fun of when they sign up for fic challenges *cough*
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I guess I should be careful who I make fun of when they sign up for fic challenges *cough*<ljuser="stubbleglitter">*cough*. I'm jumping on the band wagon like the blind follower I am and I'm taking on the challenge too.

<a href="http://www.greymatterstoo.com/britsongfic/britsongficchallenge.html"><img src="http://www.greymatterstoo.com/britsongfic/songficchallengebutton.jpg"></a>

::crosses fingers that I get the song I want::

edit: *squeek* I got the song I wanted. Yay me.
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crap! is it that time ALREADY?!

I got my 2002 tax package in the mail today.
I haven't finished paying what I owed the government last year!!!!

::runs in circles pulling hair::
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    Justified. Mine and not a loaner copy. Yay. Thanks Maggie!!