January 1st, 2003


scanning this...

instead of finishing my VanP fic challenge.

Spent a quiet NYE alone with the cat.
Needed the rest!
I'm still sick.
I've been coughing and talking like a 1-900-sex-talk operator for a week now.

And since I'm stuck at a hump in my story I thought I'd focus my restlessness on scanning.

Got both ym's of Wood & Bloom and thought I'd upload the pages [because I know how to do that sort of nifty stuff now thanks to my sweetpea glockgal
Everybody and his dog's probably seen them, but...just in case.

Collapse )

So, now, um, I think I better get back to smacking my head against the screen and figure out the end of this story.
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??what the-??!

I'm sitting at the computer (writing) listening to the MuchMusic count down.
Minding my own business.

The television just shut off by itself!!! *meep*

The remote's across the room, the cat's sleeping in the bedroom
...the television just turned off BY ITSELF.

WHAT THE ___!?
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