December 10th, 2002


the bma's what else

Can JC get any more adorable?!
He's got an interesting 'aura' about him these days.
A kind of sedate confidence.
He's not as twitchy and hurried when he talks.
[- if it's because he's half baked half the time I would encourage him to get the stuff prescribed.]
~And I'm having happy thoughts about my long haired bohemian so I won't wander into his choice of dates for the evening cause 'the Tool' keeps surfacing and he and her and now...::shudder::

Justin was incredible. Loved the live arrangement of CMAR!
His little foooooooooooooot!!!
Was all that mist piped in to hide his cast? :o)
His goatee is mucho HAWT!!!
Had me thinking of a Jason Priestly/young Paul Newman mix.
I wonder if Timberlake's ever been interested in racing?
He *did* win that 'I'm-gonna-park-my-car-crooked-before-you!' race in "Girlfriend" didn't he...
[Never thought I'd have JRT so high in my rankings.
The little fucker's working his way up there.]

They both looked wonderful. I'm a tiny bit disappointed that it wasn't the whole litter of pups but, the two divas on the same night was great for me.

and GIP -> I made a Dickens!Chris Christmas icon. teehee
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how come...?

I'm curious_is it just me or does it seem that JC and Justin are never in photos together when they're at the same events?
Am I just not seeing any of the photos that are taken of them?
Are they 'avoiding' each other? I'd like to not think that but the absence of pictures together makes me wonder...
Did they go to different after-parties?
How does Chris choose which one to hang out with?
This time he chose JC cause they went swag hunting together.
He probably trades off.
Mon, Wed, Fri is w/JC.
Tues, Thurs, Sat is w/Justin.
Sunday he does laundry.
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excuse me while I cringe

I was happily looking at the wonderful pictures liz_w posted from "image service"

Then I saw it....::shudders:: a picture of Chris holding Pat O'Brien in his arms...*ooo-kay* let's move along...cause it gets worse ::shudders again:: the sight of O'Brien's sockless ankles makes me want to run in a circle and scream then stop and wretch.
It's disgusting thinking of his naked (probably smelly) feet in his shoes. For godsake! put some socks on. *ugh* Or wear some fucking flip-flops.

Sorry. Sorry, carry on with what you were doing.
I'll deal with my ::shudder:: issues quietly over here.
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