November 29th, 2002


man I'm dumb!

it's 5:00 a.m. on a Friday - I thought it was 7:00 and was racing around the house looking for ms_nerd's cel phone # to tell here I'd slept in and wouldn't make our rendez-vous.
In digging for my teeny-tiny address book in my wallet, I -at 5:00 a.m.- noticed my debit card was NOT in my wallet where it should be.
Brainiac here left it in the bank machine at 7-11 last night when I bought Juppy's Detail issue. It's all his fault!!
I was amazingly calm when I called the sleepy sounding youngster pulling the graveyard shift to find out that yes indeedleedoo neighbour, this IDIOT did leave her card in the machine.
Some kind stranger turned it in and I can race over there before heading out to meet the Evil_Overlord of the North for giggles and caffeine (and get bossymarmalade her fix of JuJuBread Latte)
And how did your day start?
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Friday morning :o)

::giggle:: I met ms_nerd for coffee this morning! (except strandia wasn't working this morning so it was just the pairing and not the threesome as usual.)
But I just gotta say that Lance_Nerd looked so pretty this morning with her new little Lance-come-Chris hair this morning!
It was all spikey and, and cute and it really suits her.
Me loves me my Lance_Nerd!! ::hugs::
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