November 28th, 2002


weather or not

Beautiful, romantic shrouding fog has wrapped itself around the city this morning. Nothing can go wrong on a day that's blanketed in soothing fog.
Even the security guard out front of the school who called me weird for loving fog can throw a fucking wrench into my day.
I love the fog damn it. The thicker the better!
And a vanilla latte too!! Yummmmmm.
(the joy that is vanilla was introduced to me by adorable glockgal)
And "Cry Me A River" on repeat. Could it get any better?

It probably could but this'll do until something better comes along.
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(no subject)

And here's me still avoiding work...what a better thing to do than, ha, do a quiz about the kind of 'office space character' I am.
I don't technically work in an 'office' but I do work in a drone-type company. I think? - right bossymarmalade?
[quiz from a vic_ramsey post.]


What Office Space character are you?

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Okay, I'm just going be sitting over here now, maybe I should unplug the keyboard or something before one of you reaches over and thumps me. I know- fic. I'll stare at some fic! that'll keep me from my work for hours. wwhheeee! ::skips away::
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my students

I've got a new class in here for two months. New little chicks to mold and edjumacate as quickly and gently as I can.
In my last class, I had one student who could have been the off-spring of Kevin Richardson and Chris Kirkpatrick. Cute as all get out!
One of my boys in this class looks like he could have fallen out of the Wahlberg family tree.
He's all buffed like wee Markie-Mark. Cute and intense about his film.
And so far, very polite - where did he come from?!
Then there's this other student who's sitting in my line of vision with one arm straight up in the air while he scratches at his arm pit.
There's feeling comfortable in your surroundings and then there's that. He'll probably be picking his nose before long. I'll keep you all posted..People kill me sometimes.
::shakes head::
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Stopped at 7-11 on the way home -eeee- Details has been purchased.
Oh Timberlake you should be outlawed.

Ironic - Come home to a Britney concert on Much. Coinkeedink? I think not.

It's Pop Star Wars and the one with the most exposure wins!!
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