November 16th, 2002


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Even us all being a soggy lot from a walk through pelting Vancouver rain couldn't keep the gaggle of gals affectionately self labeled the 'Vancouver Posse' from grinning like idiots when strandia got up and did her brilliant rendition of "Baby Got Back" Shake the bootay baby!
bossymarmalade belted out her old stand-by *ahem* "Stand By Your Man" and she had cute little gay boys throwing their arms around her with delirious delight. I know some pretty fucking talented people!!! The V-Pos rocks.
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    Tony Lucca

here are couple of ideas for the networks

'Celebrity Medicine Cabinets' medicine of the rich and famous.
- take a sneak peek behind closed doors.

'Prescription Match Game' match the celeb to the right meds.
- study the behavior, the symptoms; guess right win a year's supply of your favorite prescription drug.

- the sleeper mid season replacement originally titled
"The 'Gateway' Town"

::skips off to Starbucks for breakie::
(cuz there's nothing in the frickin' house!!)
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