November 14th, 2002


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erk! wide awake at 3:30 a.m. with a nauseating headache. Stared into space until I made myself fall back asleep.
But I shouldn't have. I should have stayed up!!!
I got to sweat through a fucking scary nightmare. Or should that be 'morningmare'?
If any of you have seen the movie "Session Nine"...imagine my delight when part of my dream took me down shadowy
corridors like that one in the basement where all the lights start going out when the guy's only half way through it.
And the 'people/creatures' that were roaming around after me...::shudder::
I hate the residual fear/creeped-out feeling that lingers for a couple of hours after these kinds of dreams.
I think I'm going to give up sleeping if I'm gonna be scared shitless whenever I do it. mommy!
I think it's safe to go turn off every light in the house now. I know now it was just a dream.
It was just a dream right?

edit: I remembered more strangeness that is my sleeping brain...
After I 'escaped' above mentioned 'monsters', I found myself sitting in somebody's livingroom listening to a woman who looked startlingly like Nicole Kidman offering to go buy dresses for me.
What the fu-?!
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The last few days bossymarmalade has lent me 1-Justified and 2-Nellyville.
Both will be purchased.
I liked just about all of the tracks on "Nellyville" immediately.
I find I'm working harder to like "Justified" as much.
I loved a lot of tracks right away but I'm still mulling over about a third of them.
I guess with repeated listening I will grow to like them all.
Big thank you's to all of those fortunate people who got to L.A. to see the HoB event that have posted pictures and 'reviews' about it. Pictures have been squee'd over and reviews have been devoured.
Found a new game to entertain myself with on Transit this morning.
Okay, I made it up but it was still fun: Spot the Celebrity Look-alike. Ha!
Here are some of them [yes, you can go now]
-a Winston Churchill/Mr. Magoo combo. Serious!
-David Ogden Steers {who?!) Charles the stuffy doctor from M.A.S.H. & he kept staring at me.
-Jeneane Garafalo - Okay that's spelled WAY wrong but her doppleganger was on my train.
-Anthony Edwards. skinnier but yes.
Took this emode test yesterday while working out my issues about missing the HoB thing and found this out about my 'unconscious mind'.
( eeek! I pinched the test from someone's post and can't remember who to credit now. Man I suck! )

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5.The Vancouver Posse's goin' out and tearin' up the town tomorrow night and we're dragging along our honorary "Canuck" arami with us. (heehee 'sublte' hockey reference there sugar.) C'mon party people . . .

That's it. They've had enough.
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It's 7:30 p.m. and I'm still at work.
I'd hit this student over the head with a bag of noodles if I had the energy.
And we get to start all over again in the morning with more of the same stupidity.

ms_nerd we care too damn much about our jobs.

My eyes are burning from staring at these fricking monitors for 12 hours straight.
Feels like I'm getting blisters on my cornea. [okay, that's a slight exageration but...]

::wails:: I wanna go home now, ple-ee-eease.
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