September 25th, 2002


love songs

::considers sulking::

Why hasn't anybody ever written me a love song?
Because the love-song-writing-gods know I would implode on impact that's why.
This post was brought to you by the letters J. and C. and the thought of him singing love songs on a solo album. :thud:
I'm alright. I'm alright, really, I can still reach the keyboard from now here.
Oh, look a dime...
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who are you like?

I’ve been reading people’s posts about which ‘character’ they are.
You guys are so cool! It’s interesting to see how people see themselves.

I'm like...Or, wait I'm more like...
:delete: [boring crap about me that nobody needs to read anyway]

I keep trying to figure out who’s what I’d compare myself to...but I can’t.
[I know some friends who will roll their eyes at that as crap but it's true]

So what I think is; we all have bits and pieces of all of them in all of us.
...I’m just sayin’
Of things I see in each of the *NSyncers, I’d like to be;
- as beautiful and as talented as JC.
- as patient and as talented as Joey.
- as fierce and as strong as Chris.
- as mysterious and as determined as Lance.
- as ambitious and as charmed as Justin.

So, which of the *Nsyncers would post something dumb like this, huh?
You’re probably right...
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    tony lucca being all sexy and breathy and singing about JC!